Bored People Quit

Monday, 18 July 2011

I was going to write a post on this topic but Rands summarised it so perfectly in this must read article. I’ve picked out some quotes that really hit home to me.

On the warning signs,

A decrease in productivity is a great early sign that something’s up, but what you are looking for is any change in their routine. Increased snark? Unexpected vacations? Later arrivals? Earlier departures? Anything that strikes you as out of the ordinary for someone whose day you are familiar with is worth considering.

On “urgent” tasks,

Get this urgent, unplanned task done or make progress on the unmeasurable? The only thing this decision teaches your team is how little you value the cultivation of your people.

On developer flow,

…it’s your job to remember that productivity costs surrounding these micro-tasks aren’t just the 30 minutes necessary to get them done, it’s the context-switching tax involved in stopping their work, preparing for the task, doing the task, and then rebuilding the context regarding the work that floats their boat … progress is not measured in interrupt-driven minutes, it’s blocks of delicious, uninterrupted hours.

Right on the money.

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