K-1 Dynamite USA - A Big Non-Event

Monday, 04 June 2007

This show was probably the biggest non-event in MMA history. All the matches on paper were meaningless and when the show was over the MMA world was still the same.

Compare this to a UFC show where the competition is really important. After a show there is much clearer picture of where fighters stand in their respective weight classes and hopefully who the best in the world is.

K-1 featured so many debuts, low ranking fighters and freak show matches that is just didn’t matter. When you add the crap at the start (nutters jumping around on pogo sticks and trumpet players) the company that had the balls to book the biggest building they could find came off as low rent.

The one intriguing match that actually made it to the show, Royce Gracie vs Sakuraba, ended up being very slow and not appreciated by the live crowd. I partly blame this on the ref Mario Yamasaki who probably respected both guys so much that he wasn’t restarting them as much as he would normally.

I did enjoy the Yoon Dong-Sik fight. Tiny Korean judo guys beating big black dudes is always funny.

Lesnar destroyed his opponent as expected. This being the main event baffled me. At least with the Choi fight he might have had problems with the size difference but here there was no competition. With this fight concluding he becomes one of the biggest free agents in MMA, lets just hope a company that knows how to put on a good show picks him up…ahem…Dana?

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